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Noptrix.net was formed in the year 2009. This site is the place for publishing some of my computer and network-security stuff. My goal is to make a collection and to keep this site a souvenir. Follow the links to get more information about me and some releases. I hereby emphasize though, that the hacking-related stuff which is published here are for education purposes only. I do not take any responsibility for any abuse or misusage!

[ 0x02 ] .news

09/26/11 - Made symlinks to old codes. Email me if you need old versions of my codes.
09/26/11 - Added new version of dnsspider.
09/26/11 - Added new version of sshtrix.
09/17/11 - Added a very fast multithreaded SSH login cracker. Nice tool!
09/10/11 - Added new version of dnsspider.
08/19/11 - Updated all advisories with new template.
08/17/11 - Added an advisory for Skype.
08/02/11 - Added an advisory for Adium.
07/28/11 - Added another advisory for ICQ.
07/26/11 - Added two new advisories for ICQ client and webpage.
07/13/11 - Added an advisory for Skype.
06/13/11 - Added PoC code for DNS distributed reflected DoS.
05/14/11 - Added a nice subdomain bruteforcer.
04/24/11 - Redesign and relaunch of my website.
02/25/11 - Added twitter account in contact section.
02/25/11 - Created a news section.

[ 0x03 ] .shouts

07/19/11 - To the whole world: Funny thing: Anglophone and German media refer me as Armenian in their Skype XSS articles, yet all the Turkish news sites insists that I am Turkish. For the record, I am Armenian and my people have been persecuted by Turkey for hundreds of years. Thanks.

07/15/11 - Skype declares my bug as "minor issue", but skype doesn't handle domain scope properly, hence it is possible to own victim's machine!