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[ 0x01 ] .advisories

Here you will find my advisories related to software and hardware. I hereby emphasize though, that the hacking-related stuff which is published here are for education purposes only. I do not take any responsibility for any abuse or misusage!

[ 0x02 ] .software

skype_inject.txt - MD5: 64ab37c8f19bf2ef4119e3e54a4b9c8e
Skype <= 5.5.* suffers from HTML/Javascript injection.

adium_inject.txt - MD5: 92002138dbfafc9188678c54fbb3add4
Adium <= 1.4.2 suffers from Cross Site Scripting vulnerability. (fixed)

icq_dos.txt - MD5: dbe3d1795590633fcd23f4c43308a266
ICQ 7.5 suffers from a remote Denial of Service vulnerability. (fixed)

icq_xss.txt - MD5: 2e317df8c3dfa877bb80126c6b2fda7d
ICQ 7.5 suffers from a persistent Cross Site Scripting issue. (fixed)

skype_xss.txt - MD5: d736a2a5f97ecb231a1799981b7253dd
Skype <= 5.3.* suffers from a persistent Cross Site Scripting issue. (fixed)

[ 0x03 ] .hardware

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