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My name is Levent Kayan and I was born on 11th April 1983 in Berlin. I am a computer and network-security enthusiast. I am interested in researching security vulnerabilities, writing exploits and writing computer and network applications. I prefer Assembler, C, Python as programming languages, but I also code in other languages. I am currently employed as a security engineer. Doing tasks such as: source code auditing, penetration tests, coding and administration for the company. Beside computer related stuff I enjoy sport and I am interested in music. I love to play chess and everyday I play at least one match at freechess.org. About my character, I am: nice, honest, humorous and powerful. :) From here I send greets out to my darling (es qes sirum em!), friends and to all who know me.

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Fullname: Levent Kayan
Nickname: noptrix
Birthday: 11th April 1983
Birthplace: Berlin
Nationality: Armenian, German
Homeland: Armenia

[ 0x03 ] .interests

Computer: Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, networks, programming, it-security
Sport: martial arts, swimming, walking, chess
Social: my family, my friends, holidays
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